The Paper Mill

Since 2003 we have maintained close ties with Kegalle’s Recycled Elephant Dung Paper Mill. In 2014, we set up a partnership to develop the distribution of their paper in France. Indeed, the human/elephant conflicts are the same as those encountered in Africa. To maintain harmony, it is necessary to develop income-generating activities linked to the preservation of biodiversity. Sri Lanka’s paper factory is evolving and we offer a wide range of products

: We can make any type of products. When you buy these items you contribute to the protection of elephants, the protection of forests as well as providing financial resources to people concerned with protecting their natural heritage.


Shipping costs are in addition, they include packaging, handling and shipping.
Packages are shipped within 48 hours, after receiving your payment by bank transfer or by cheque to the order of the association.
The standard shipping mode is the ‘Colissimo Suivi’, delivered without a signature.
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The products are on sale in the shop ‘Artisan du Monde’ in Nice

“Developing access to safe drinking water in Sri Lanka’s public schools”

Project background:

Since March 2015, S.A.S. in partnership with the M.E.F. has been running projects to curb the elephant/human conflict with the help of volunteers. One of the solutions to overcome this disharmony is the implementation of an environmental education programme between Sri Lankan and French schools. “What works well for you, what we should improve in our country….” Students share their experiences to better confront the environmental challenges of tomorrow. It is from these exchanges that the project for clean water was born, a service which does not exist in schools in the Habarana region due to the war between Tamils and Sinhalese that lasted more than thirty years and caused more than 80,000 deaths.

In 2016, we are raised private funds to build a borehole in the Weragala school. In July 2016, we trained and sent two S.A.S. volunteers to supervise the drilling in the Weragala school. November 2016 – follow-up assignment by two S.A.S volunteers, installation of the pump and water quality test at the Weragala school. In June 2017 – exploratory mission with two volunteers from S.A.S. to meet the needs of installing a drinking water filter in the Weragala and Psudiulwewa school, where pump drilling system already exists, since the iron content is too high to be drinkable. The results of this assignment are the need to install a reverse osmosis water filter in both schools.In August-September 2017 – assessment of the project by the coordinator and a volunteer. The Weragala and Psudiulwewa school received the reverse osmosis water filter kits.

We are always looking for donors, financial backers and private funds to carry out clean water projects in schools close to wild elephants habitat . Summary of the project with the Agence Micro Projet.