To enable Indigenous populations to receive an economic income while preserving their natural resources, we supported the elephant dung recycled paper project.

The production of this innovative paper is 100% natural, made with solar and wind energy. The various items are used in French schools during art classes.


The Process

Materials: elephant dung, recycled paper, glue or flour

The dung is washed with warm water to remove impurities and then boiled for six hours to sterilize and to make it more flexible. The dung is then mixed with recycled paper, which was also boiled (in a  1 to 1 ratio), and crushed in a mortar. The binder is made with 15-20 litres of water and 300 ml of wood glue or flour. The amount of binder added to the pulp affects the thickness of the final product: the more binder is added, the thicker the paper. The preparation is then placed on a mesh frame to allow the water to drain.

The frame is gently removed as to not damage the edges and the mesh is turned over to place the paper on the worktop. The last excess water is removed with a sponge and the paper is allowed to dry. The following products are made with the paper: A4 sheets, photo frames, photo albums, notebooks, postcards with envelopes and page marks.

Most of these items are available in small and large format. The production of paper in different colors is still poor. To this date we obtain different colors by varying the proportions of colored recycled paper. Some products are decorated with a stencil.

Product range

Shipping costs are in addition, they include packaging, handling and shipping.
Packages are shipped in 48 hours.
After receiving your payment by bank transfer (v.RIB) or by cheque to the order of the association.
The standard shipping mode is the tracked colissimo, delivered without a signature.
For more information:

The products are on sale in the shop ‘Artisan du Monde’ in Nice