Mandat Sens Afrique

SENS SOLIDAIRES is a general interest association regulated by the 1901 law, which seeks to carry out international solidarity actions with the objective of  preserving the environment.

To achieve its goal, the association’s means of action are:

– Education on biodiversity conservation.
– Support resource management in the context of sustainable development.
– Implementing international solidarity actions and income-generating projects for local populations.
– Develop intercultural links between the North and South.

To guide us in achieving our mission, the following principles have been adopted:

SAS is international, independent, multicultural and apolitical.

Use the best available scientific information to solve problems and critically evaluate the overall efforts made to date.

Build concrete conservation solutions through a combination of field projects based on strategic initiatives, capacity building and education.

Involve local communities and indigenous peoples in the planning and implementation of our programmes in the field, while also respecting their cultural and economic needs.

Seek to establish partnerships with other organizations, businesses and local communities to improve our effectiveness.

Carry out operations in a cost-effective manner and use donor funds in total transparency.