Your donations to our organization allows us to:

  1. Co-finance our projects. These are rarely 100% funded by subsidies and very often we have to contribute financially (between 10% and 15 of the total cost).
  2. Carry out pre-project surveys to assess the relevance of an action.
  3. Create information and awareness-raising activities (newsletter, website …).

In return, we commit ourselves:

  1. To use 100% of your donation depending on your choice (1, 2 or 3)
  2. To keep you regularly informed of the progress of our actions.
  3. To send you a tax receipt that will allow you to deduct 66% of your donation from your tax return (if you live in France and pay taxes). In other words, if you choose to help us by donating 100 euros it will actually cost you 34 euros!


‘Maison des Associations’, 3 bis rue Guigonis 06300 Nice

*Donations are deductible. Article 200 and 238bis of the General Tax Code.

Be at the heart of our actions!

We are exhausting the natural resources of our generous planet to meet our needs, some of which are very futile … Every day thousands of living organisms and their living environments disappear because human technological development (increase CO2, deforestation, poaching…). Today it is our planet that needs us, together lets bring this generosity so that we can continue to live in harmony with nature. Your donations enable us to help preserve the biodiversity and the natural ecosystems of our planet.

Joining our organization allows you to:

Receive 1 membership card made out of recycled elephant dung paper

Become an actor as a volunteer by participating in one of our local or international missions

Be informed about the protection of biodiversity in the world

MEMBERSHIP FEE (contact us)

250 euros for businesses

50 euros for associations

25 euros for individuals

Memberships are tax deductible (if you pay taxes in France). Article 200 and 238bis of the General Tax Code.

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