SAS through its expertise, develops correspondences between schools in developing countries (Africa, Asia and the Amazon) and France on the theme of environmental issues. It is now known that we, citizens of industrialized countries, are fully responsible for the degradation of our environment on a global scale. Through our educational tools, students will grasp the importance of changing their behaviour in order to preserve and share natural resources more equitably with developing countries. A scientific report finds that developed countries are the cause for more than 30% of the loss of biodiversity in the countries of the South. The traditional knowledge and management methods of local communities in developing countries are essential to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. This convergence between the countries of the North and the South will facilitate school exchanges and learning will be done in both direstions.

Let’s wake up our sense of solidarity, the main objective was to involve schoolchildren in the need to maintain the biodiversity of our planet. Admittedly, our “turnkey” educational workshops raise their awareness on this issue, but in order to include them as future actors in biodiversity protection, exchanges with young people of their age on this topic had become obvious. We started this first experience of correspondence between the Elementary Public School of ‘l’Ecole du Port’ in Nice and the Maktau School in Kenya. With the greatest satisfaction of the students, the parent’s association and teachers, we have continued and expanded to 17 classes! We are now in the 6th edition! .

A meeting is held at the beginning of the school year with each selected school to explain the implementation of the project and assign the foreign correspondences. Teachers chose the theme of the correspondence in relation to their class curriculum and educational objectives. To remain consistent, our first interventions take place during the ‘Festival des Solidarités’ from 15th to 30th November. We introduce the chosen environmental theme, and we coordinate the logistics of the exchanges between the two countries (either by post, email or video-conference). This beautiful and meaningful project is made possible thanks to the moral and financial support of the Metropolis of Nice and the ‘Festival des Solidarités’. Please contact us for any information: